We are just a crew who knows how to have a good time. Over the years we’ve culminated vast experience in our travels and living abroad, combined with local knowledge of where to go, what to do, and where to eat during a bucks trip or get together party. We are able to provide your group with lasting memories and experiences equivalent to what you may find in a fine bachelor trip in Vegas, but all in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan has become one of the top bachelor party destinations. It is a known fact that Taipei has a higher than average population of good looking girls, who also know how to have a good time. Taiwanese are well mannered, city is clean, orderly and has some of the best food in Asia. Whether it is a hens or bucks party (bachelor party), Taipe has it all to ensure you have the time of your lives. Taipei Nights is able to open some doors, and open your eyes to some locations and activities that only the locals know and can get access to. Whether you have come to Taiwan, one of the best bachelor party locations, for the world renown street food, the site seeing or the night life, Taipei Nights can arrange every bit of detail for you providing an experience unparalleled by any travel agency. You can be at ease and peace of mind as soon as you land at the airport. All you have to do, is bring on the good vibes, sit back and enjoy your time here in Taiwan and enjoy the exclusive VIP service provided by Taipei Nights during your boys trip.

**If mandarin is not your language of choice, not to worry, Taipei Nights can arrange for your group to be picked up and looked after the entire time you are in one of the best bachelor party locations, Taiwan. You won’t get lost, and won’t have the need to ask anyone for instructions or recommendations. As soon as you leave the airport you can be greeted with sim cards to connect you back with the world, driver will escort you to all predefined activities on your itinerary arranged by Taipei Nights.

Sample Taipei Night Schedules

Tell us how long you around for, your budget, things you like doing and eating and we’ll sort the rest out for you

What Customers Say

  • Thank you sooooooo much Taipei Nights, we had an incredible time in Taipei. It was short but sweet. It was a whirlwind and a blur. Did not know you can pack so much stuff to do into 2 days. The service, the food, the girls, the alcohol, the activities. You guys definitely know how to organise a good time. All 6 of us had post holiday blues, had withdrawal symptoms even though it was only 2 days, 100% productivity, do not believe we slept in 48 hours. Will be back for my own bucks party !!
    Jak Livi
    Best Man
  • As the best man it was my job to organise the best bachelors party for my best mate the groom. I had no idea where to start and honestly didn't have the time so decided to go through Taipei Nights. The guys loved the trip so much that a couple of them have decided to move to Taipei for work. Food was amazing, the venues we got into we were like kings in paradise. Many of us couldn't speak Chinese but Taipei Nights helped accomodate that with a english speaking driver taking us around the few days we were in town. One of the best trips the boys have ever been on, and all kudos to Taipei Nights to making it happen for us.
    Josh King
    Best Man
  • The guys surprised me with a bachelors party in Taipei, organised through Taipei Nights. As I had no idea about the trip I had no expectations. We were in Taipei for the weekend and it was 3 days I will never ever forget. Thank you to the boys and the guys at Taipei Nights for putting together such an unforgettable experience.
    James Chen

List of Things to Do, Eat and See in Taipei

These are just some of our favourites at Taipei Nights

Taipei is a city of roughly 2.7 million souls and welcomes over 6.3 million overseas visitors every year. The city boasts famous attractions, bustling nightlife, excellent restaurants and extensive shopping opportunities, as well as a heady mix of history and culture with modern and progressive thinking. This makes it one of the top bachelor party destinations in the world. Taipei has something for almost any interest and every kind of traveller, whether you are on a budget or looking for VIP amenities for your group during your bucks trip.

With a name that literally translates as North of Taiwan, the capital city of the republic of china is the diplomatic, financial, governmental and cultural heart of the island. It is made up of 12 districts, ranging from ancient Wanhua to ultra-modern Xinyi, where you will find the marvel of design and engineering which was once the worlds tallest building Taipei 101. It has many facets and is a city where you can discover a little more with every step, around every street corner and at every small roadside cafe, which will definitely make your boys trip memorable for years to come.

“Most livable city in Asia, amazing food, Never ending night life, beautiful women and activities to satisfy all needs”

Why Choose Us


We are able to arrange an itinerary suitable for your group so there is nothing left for you to worry about or organise. Whether it is day time activity, meals and restaurant bookings and of course night time shenanigans. We can have everything organised and pre-arranged so you only have to rock up with your A-Game!

All Access

All access Taipei - Get to where you wouldn't be able to get into on your own

Local knowledge

We are a team of expats and ABCs who have lived abroad, but have now chosen Taiwan as our home. Not only are we well ingrained with local knowledge of what is good and what is a must. We know how to party the way you want !

Never get lost

We can provide a driver and or a local guide throughout the duration of your trip to ensure you have the most relaxing smooth experience in Taiwan. No Chinese no worries !

24 Hour Service

Provide a local contact in case you run into any problems or have any questions during your stay in Taiwan. Local concierge can be on call 24/7 to attend to your needs


– How is payment made?
Taipei Nights accepts payments through paypal or direct bank transfer
– Are refunds allowed?
Once bookings are made there are no refunds unless, disruption caused by typhoon or earthquake
– Once itinerary is confirmed can this be changed?
Yes itinerary can be changed even whilst in Taipei unless bookings have been made and paid for, for specific activities. In order to make changes – contact your Taipei Nights rep by email/phone
– Will there be a touch point from Taipei Nights whilst the group is in Taiwan?
Yes a member of the Taipei Nights team will be available through phone and email whilst your group is in Taiwan. A personal tour guide and translator can also be arranged to travel with the group by Taipei Nights.
– How long in advance should we organise and book with Taipei Nights?
It is recommended to make your bookings at least a month prior to travel dates. Any closer would impact accomodation availability, and club table availabilities.
– Does Taipei Nights organise accomodation?
No, we generally ask clients to book their own accomodation with airbnb. We are able to recommend best location to book according to your intinerary set by Taipei Nights.
– Is Taipei Nights able to arrange currency exchange?
This is not a service we can provide. There are currency exchange booths at the airport and at tourist locations throughout Taipei.
– Can Taipei Nights provide sim cards
Yes traveller sim cards can be arranged and delivered to you at the airport if you choose to have a driver with Taipei Nights. This would ensure you are reconnected with the world as soon as you land.